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       GDHS (Beijing) Technologies Co. , Ltd. , abbrebiated as GDHS, is mainly engaged in desiging,  manufacturing, and outsourcing products and service in mining, steel, power, petrochemical, paper, and solar industry. GDHS has own manufacturing base in China for steel casting, steel forging, iron casting, copper, and welding structure products. Over the years, GDHS has supplied to Asia and Europe with its stable and reliable products, and is also agents for a number of manufacturing enterprises in Switzerland, Germanu and Italy.The imported elements are well satified by the clients in China. GDHS pursues spirit of  "Global Resource, Diligent Virtue, Harmonious Team, Sustainable Improvement" and aim of  "Customer First, Integrity First" to serve with all the international clients, and is dedicated to provide with the best qualified and value-added products and service !

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    1. Stacker and Reclaimer
    2. Seamless pure calcium cored wire
    3. Pure calcium cored wire
    4. Calcium Aluminiate
    5. Cored Wire
    6. Metal Calcium
    7. UHP Electrode
    8. HP Electrode
    9. Nipple
    10. Precast Chrome Corundum Wearing Block
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